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  1. [16/4/2017][V1] ROM KHONGLOI-NOUGAT-V1 for G935F/G930F

    16/4/17 13,961 View
    [16/4/2017][V1] ROM KHONGLOI-NOUGAT-V1 for G935F/G930F ...
    First in the world and Full S8+ port

    • G935X/G930X Exynos
    1. ROM Note Nougat based on S8+ Nougat Firmware and latest S7e !
    2. AOD brightness control (2 state: low and high)!
    3. Enable/Disable Navigation Bar in rom control!
    4. Rom control:
    - Enable/Disable Safe Volume Notification
    - Show/hide Keyboard Switching Notification Icon
    - Battery options
    - ...
    5. Disabled scrolling cache!
    6. Restore some S7e power profile value!
    7. Hack devices status to official!
    8. Samsumg Pass need test!
    9. Bug:
    - Camera Sview Cover.

    - If you are pleased with my ROM, feel free to donate to DONG HANH SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIATION which I participate in!
    - Were are an international association of abroad Vietnamese students and were provide scholarship for poor students who study in Vietnam (not abroad) and have good efforts and results!
    - You can read more and check details about our association here:

    - If you make donation, please indicate the reason: "Donation for students, thank Mr Khongloi/samsungviet.vn (khongloi113/xda) for his excellent work!

    a. Overview
    1. Nougat based on S8+ Nougat Firmware and lastest S7e.
    2. Fix Brightness, autobrightness, bluetooth,...
    3. AOD S8+ full functions
    4. Ported S8+ camera by me:
    5. Fixed all Bixby stuffs.
    6. Bring back all Private Mode stuffs.
    - some features include aod touch enable/disable; enable/disable fingerprint wakeup; persistent notification; notification reply directy on lockscreen
    - more features will come later
    8. Full Edge features includes Edgelight, CNN panel, Scalendar,...
    9. Fix random reboots, Shealth,...
    10. Hack devices status to official.
    11. Remove Iris, Bioface setting (non hardware).
    12. Update to latest CSC ones and add support for Jio INS operator.
    13. Advanced Reboot Menu - Original mod by me.
    14. Enabled all available SystemUI - QuickSetting Toggle including Private Mode, Ultra Power Saving, SFinder, Ultra Data Saving, Reading Mode,...
    15. Enabled many Messages features: SMS unlimited text, Folder view,...
    16. Enabled many Keyboard, SystemUI,... features.
    17. Bring back many setting: Video Enhance, Emergency Mod, Touch Key Light Duration in Setting, Outdoor Mode in Setting,...
    18. Disabled signature check.
    19. Some things I can't remember.

    b. Not work

    - Please give proper credit to me if you introduce this work or re-use it (full rom, keyboard, camera, private mode,...!
    - If you see any other people using my work in other place such as xda,... please ask them to give proper credit to me!

    - @darkera13 for Guide and idea
    - @Chainfire for SuperSU
    - @amarullz for Aroma Installed
    - @osm0sis for Busybox
    - xda community, xda devs which I can't remember all for other guides
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  2. khongloi

    khongloi Thành viên

    Download ROM and Kernel

    1. Rom
    2. Kernel (only these 2 kernel moded by me work now).
  3. khongloi

    khongloi Thành viên

  4. khongloi

    khongloi Thành viên

    LƯU Ý

    1. Bixby chưa hoạt động tất cả (như vision,...)

    2. Thời gian dùng cho S7e sẽ rất ít (do máy vợ dùng).
    Do đó anh em cố gắng cùng tìm và sửa lỗi (Cơ bản ngoài chức năng S-pen thì Note 5 và S7e dùng chung được các mod của nhau).
  5. pretium123

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    Hệ máy:
    galaxy note4
    Đặt gạch bác, mới có link kernel

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  6. tuanhouse

    tuanhouse Thành viên

    Hệ máy:
    Bóc tem ahj thanks bác khongloi
  7. khongloi

    khongloi Thành viên

    Online rồi các bác.

    Để nó ổn định một lát, ban đầu mới vào sẽ hơi giật tí.

    Ai dùng ổn cho cái video hand-on nhé.
  8. pretium123

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    Hệ máy:
    galaxy note4
    E đang kéo rồi

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  9. Tân Lý

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    Galaxy J | Galaxy S5 LTE-A | Galaxy S7 Edge
    Lên nào
    xuantran208 thích bài này.
  10. inspiron

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    Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920S
  11. Nguyễn Quốc Lâm

    Nguyễn Quốc Lâm Thành viên mới

    Hệ máy:
    s7e g935s
    bác mod cái superstock kernel đi bác
    xuantran208 thích bài này.
  12. nambavuong

    nambavuong AQĐK_NBV_ samsungviet.vn

    Hệ máy:
    N900S,N900T,N920T,N930FD,A910F used; N920C
    lên nóc chưa a :p
    TranPhong thích bài này.
  13. hieudk85

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    Có ai lên được chưa các bác ơi
  14. thanhhuy88

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    Hệ máy:
    note3 L
    Oh. Link về làng nước ơi

    Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  15. TranPhong

    TranPhong Thành viên

    Hệ máy:
    G930S - mất trinh
    Thanks !!!!! Đang kéo..

    Thanks !!!!!
    hunggia53 thích bài này.
  16. hunggia53

    hunggia53 Thành viên

    Hệ máy:
    note 4 n910s
    Có kéo dc đâu em ?

    Gửi từ GT-N8000 của tôi bằng cách sử dụng Tapatalk
    TranPhong thích bài này.
  17. hieudk85

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    Em lên thành công rồi
  18. Tân Lý

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    Galaxy J | Galaxy S5 LTE-A | Galaxy S7 Edge
    Chưa root à bác
  19. bobobo99

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    Samsung galaxy a9 pro
    hong review
  20. Tuân VL

    Tuân VL Thành viên mới

    Hệ máy:
    Cảm nhận đầu rom khá mượt ngon, đẹp, các bạn cài chọn Cam S8 tes kĩ xem có ngon hơn Cam s7 không
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